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How to be Invisible (2nd edition)
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How to be Invisible (2nd edition)  $28.00 

Published in 2000, 259 pages

"J.J. Luna gives the smartest, sanest, and most practical advice on just how to stay out of sight in the real world. Buy this book if you value your privacy." Ned Beaumont, author of Beat the Border and The Policeman is your Friend and Other Lies

Chapter Titles: 1. How This Book Can Make You Invisible 2. U.S. Mail - Sending it, Receiving it 3. Your "Ghost" Address 4. Home Deliveries, House Calls, Bounty Hunters, FedEx, UPS 5. Untraceable Trash 6. Your Social Security Number and Date of Birth 7. Your Alternative Names and Signatures 8. Telephones, Answering Machines, Faxes, Radios, Beepers 9. How to Find and Use Nominees 10. Using a Trust for Privacy 11. Strange Uses for Corporations 12. Limited-Liability Companies (LLCs) 13. Hidden Ownership of Vehicles and Real Estate 14. Bank Accounts and Money Transfers 15. How to Secretely Run a Home-Based Business 16. Anonymous Travel by Land, Sea and Air 17. Computers, Email and the Internet 18. Crossing the Canadian and Mexican Borders 19. Secret Hiding Places 20. Cool Stuff that did not Fit in Earlier 21. An Exam, a Secret and an Invitation Glossery, Appendix, Index, About the Author

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How to be Invisible (2nd edition)