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WAVR-21, Second Edition
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WAVR-21, Second Edition (includes manual and five scoring packets)  $159.00 
WAVR-21: Ten Scoring Packets  $35.00 
WAVR-21: Twenty Scoring Packets  $65.00 

The new Second Edition of the WAVR-21 has been shipping since its release on March 8, 2010. This is the first scientifically developed instrument for assessing the risk of violence in the workplace. 

The WAVR-21 was first introducted in 2007 and is now in its second edition. It is in use in numerous Fortune 500 companies in the US and Canada, large and smaller universities, secondary school districts, government agencies as well as law enforcement and security departments. With proper training, the WAVR is an easy to use and highly effective tool for assessing risk, determining whether the risk is increasing or decreasing, thereby assisting with the appropriate threat management response.

Developed by Stephen White, Ph.D. and Reid Meloy, Ph.D., this manual is packed with empirically derived criteria for accurately assessing risk. The packet includes the manual, complete with references, and five sets of scoring forms for use in workplace violence assessments. The advantages offered by the WAVR-21 include:

The WAVR-21 offers tools and resources for both clinicians and workplace threat management team members

The WAVR-21 guides users in understanding and organizing relevant data

The WAVR-21 allows users to document, monitor, and re-assess risk

The WAVR-21 may be integrated into multi-disciplinary threat management strategies

The WAVR-21 incorporates the "Pathway to Violence" threat assessment model

The WAVR-21 reflects the current state of knowledge and standard of practice variables for workplace violence risk assessment

The WAVR-21 provides a defensible approach to risk management in any subsequent litigation

The WAVR-21 has no "per use" fee

Training on the use of the WAVR-21 will be offered periodically to those who purchase the manual. For more information about the product, go to www.wavr21.com.


"The WAVR-21 is a remarkable threat management tool which helps threat and risk assessment professionals consider, capture, organize, and integrate critical information on key dynamic and static risk factors pertaining to a specific case.  The structured professional judgment technology makes it cutting edge and state of the art, allowing the user to systematically  approach  cases and render accurate, reliable, and defensible threat assessments on a continuum.  It is a must have tool for those who conduct threat assessments.  Drs. White and Meloy are to be commended for their elegant and thorough, yet concise and parsimonious approach to threat assessment."

Kris Mohandie, Ph.D.
Operational Consulting International, Inc.

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