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Joe Navarro, MA, (FBI ret.)

Joe Navarro served as an FBI agent specializing in counter-intelligence and behavioral assessment for 25 years. There he conducted over 13,000 interviews and honed his skills in reading body language. Since retiring in 2003, he has written 14 books, now translated into 29 different languages, all dealing with human behavior and body language.

Joe blends the work of experts like Dr. Paul Ekman and others with his vast experience in interviewing and observing human interaction. He has written for Psychology Today, The Washington Post, Condé Nast, Politico, as well as the Wall Street Journal and for the last eleven years he has lectured annually at the Harvard Business School.

Navarro spent several years training professional poker players in body language “tells” which could enhance their earnings. Joe currently runs the Body Language Academy, a training program for professionals from sales, management, mental health, forensics, finance, health care, HR and entertainment to enhance their careers using body language skills and techniques.

His book Louder Than Words, was lauded by The Wall Street Journal as “One of the six best business books to read for your career” and his bestselling book, What Every BODY is Saying, remains after a decade the number-one selling body-language book in the world.

See Joe’s TED talk, "The Power of Nonverbal Communication" at: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=joe+navarro

See Joe’s talk, "Former FBI Agent Analyzes First Date Body Language" at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBDgOU_kr5E   

See Joe’s talk, "Former FBI Agent Breaks Down Political Body Language" at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfNEHW3qgso 

Joe  Navarro, MA, (FBI ret.)

Programs Featuring Joe Navarro, MA, (FBI ret.)

Understanding Nonverbal Communications

This unique ninety-minute, virtual presentation takes a fresh look at what we know about nonverbal communications and how they can be used in a professional, clinical or personal setting. The training focuses on those human behaviors that professionals must recognize which have a high reliability and are useful in assessing others. It will also provide a roadmap for conducting better, more empathic interviews and interpersonal communication.

The training exposes behaviors (some often ignored) that are useful in understanding the feelings, thoughts, desires, intentions, preferences, fears, and concerns of others. It will examine each area of the body that may be helpful in decoding the true thoughts and emotions of others. Gestures, facial expressions and body movement will be examined within their context for meaning. Additionally, the workshop will focus on other nonverbals, including the tone of voice and cadence of speech which have been shown to establish greater rapport and trust. 

The workshop will also identify those nonverbals which do not have clear meaning and from which behavior is often misinterpreted. The training will also explore the limits of nonverbals, including the danger of trying to use nonverbal communications to detect deception. This program will be of great value to mental health professionals, law enforcement/security, corporate, sales and a variety of other professions.

Want something more in-depth? Check out Joe's Body Language Academy (www.jnbodylanguageacademy.com). There you will find a 60 hour program, complete with CE's. Better yet, get a solid introduction to nonverbal communication through this program and then go for the more in-depth program.