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Robert Hugh Farley, M.S.

Robert Hugh Farley MS is a thirty-year veteran of the Cook County Sheriff's Police Department in Chicago, Illinois. As the Commanding Officer (retired) of the Child Exploitation Unit, a highly decorated Detective and a Deputy United States Marshal he has had over twenty-eight years experience investigating and supervising all aspects of child abuse crimes from sexual abuse to child homicide.

As an internationally recognized expert, consultant, author and instructor in child abuse investigation techniques, Robert has conducted training seminars for tens of thousands of police officers, federal agents, attorneys, judges, child protection investigators, social workers, physicians and other professionals. He has conducted thousands of training seminars on behalf of the U.S. Department of Justice, the FBI, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and other agencies in all 50 states. As an international consultant for INTERPOL and the U.S. Department of Defense he has conducted training seminars in 23 different countries around the world. In 2007, Robert supervised the internal investigation, following sexual abuse allegations, at Oprah Winfrey’s School for Girls in South Africa. In 2011, he became the first police officer to conduct a child sexual abuse training seminar for the clergy in the Vatican - Rome.
Robert Hugh Farley, M.S.

Programs Featuring Robert Hugh Farley, M.S.

Sex Offenders and the Internet
The crime of child sexual exploitation has changed dramatically. The explosion of the Internet and technology inadvertently provided effortless access by pedophiles and child molesters to their victims. The child molester is no longer required to use traditional methods of obtaining victims when he can sit at a computer or utilize a cell phone to anonymously lure boys and girls for sex. A pedophile can now avoid the risk of accepting a parcel containing child pornography, because in minutes he can locate and download any type of child pornography desired. This intensive, state of the art, training seminar will explore current trends in child sexual exploitation, with an extensive focus on the Internet and the impact of technology. Computer terminology and technology as it relates to this topic will be described as well as how computers are used to store, manufacture and distribute child pornography and lure children for sex. Interview techniques specific to the online seduction of children, for both victims and perpetrators will be presented. Teaching points will be accentuated by actual online child exploitation cases, from the point of the victim's disclosure to the arrest of the offender. Specific successful online investigative and tracking techniques will be demonstrated which, at present, have only been utilized by a small group of agencies across the United States and the world. Finally, prevention techniques will be identified that law enforcement, parents and teachers can use to teach and protect young people. Note: The ACTUAL DISPLAY of child pornography is a federal crime and will not be a part of this program.

Dynamics of the Child Sexual Abuser
Those who sexually abuse children do not necessarily have the same motivation or characteristics. This innovative training seminar addresses the crimes of child sexual abuse and child sexual exploitation, with a focus on the behavioral characteristics of the abuser. Various offender profiles will be examined, the mode of the abuse, victim selection and the relationship of the victim to the offender. The program examines the identification of potential corroborating witnesses, the joint collection of essential facts and the recognition and recovery of different types of specific evidence all of which can narrow the focus of the investigation to a specific suspect while at the same time anticipating a possible defense. The seminar will look at the important and ever changing role of technology such as the internet and cell phones in the sexual exploitation of children and teens. Finally, the program will offer recommendations for keeping children safe.