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What is your mailing address?
P.O. Box 28181
San Diego, CA 92198

What are your phone numbers?
Our telephone numbers are (858) 675-0860 and (800) 848-1226.
Our fax number is (858) 675-0861.

What is your FID#?
Our FID# is 88-0271253. If you need a W-9, Click here

What are your operating hours?
We are open from Monday-Friday from 8:30a-5:00p PST.


How do I add myself to the mailing list?
Click on "Contact Us" on the menu on the left. Fill out this form and you will be added to our mailing list.

How do I remove myself to the mailing list?
Click on "Contact Us" on the menu on the left. Fill out this form and indicate that you would like to be removed from our mailing list. Please allow 2 weeks to be removed.

Do you have an e-mail list?
Yes. Click on "Contact Us" on the menu on the left. Fill out this form and you will be added to our email list. If you make an order from our website, you will automatically be added as well.



How do I register?
How do I register multiple attendees?
How can I pay?
Will I receive a confirmation?
Do you have student rates?
Yes. Student rates are 10% off of the rate of the class you are attending. In order to receive the student rate, you must provide a transcript (unofficial is fine) as evidence of full-time student status.

Do I have to reserve a spot?
No. Simply register and you will have a seat at the seminar. Deposits are not necessary either.

Can I register at the door?
Yes. However, on-site registration are not guaranteed. There may not be room left in the meeting, so prior registration is encouraged. If there is still room left for the meeting, we will be happy to let you in. Since name badges, certificates and handouts are prepared ahead of time, these items may not be available at the seminar, but will be provided after.

Can I go to only part of the training?
Do I have to book my travel/hotel separately?
Yes. The hotels that we work with typically provide a discounted sleeping room rate for our attedees. You must book this on your own seperately from us, but be sure to mention that you will be attending our seminar to obtain the rate. Sorry, but we do not have discounted airfare or rental cars for our seminars.


What are the times of the meeting?
Each meeting can vary slightly so be sure to check the brochure for each particular meeting. The most common times for our meetings are 8:30a-4:30p daily. Check-in starts at about 7:45a and there will be an hour lunch at noon.

Do I have to provide my own lunch?
For the majority of seminars, lunch will not be provided. If it is provided it will state that under what the tuition includes.

What materials are provided at the meeting?
At the meeting, we will provide you with a name badge, handout packet and upon completion, a Continuing Education certificate. Please bring a writing instrument and extra paper for notes.


What is the cancellation policy?
All cancellations must be provided in writing. The policy is clearly stated on every program brochure and on our website for the program in question. Please check these two locations for the cancellation policy for that particular meeting. What happens if a meeting has to be cancelled by STS?


How many CEUs will I receive?
Continuing Education Units will vary from meeting to meeting, but are commonly counted at 7 hours per day. Check the seminar's brochure to get more accurate information depending on your specialty/field.

Can I get a replacement certificate if I lose mine?
Yes. Replacement certificates are available for up to five years after a seminar and will cost $10.00 each, after verification of your attendance.



How do I order?
You may place an order with us either online, by phone, or by mail.
Online: Orders can be made online by clicking on the links on the left side of the page. Select the items you want and click the cart icon to add them to your shopping cart. In the shopping cart page, you can modify your order by clicking on the pencil icon to change the quantity desired, or on the red X icon to remove the item from your cart. Click "Proceed to Checkout" when you are ready to finish your order. Fill in all the information fields needed and click submit. You will receive a confirmation email showing your order.
Phone: To order by phone, call us at (800)848-1226 to place your order. We will talk to you about your order and get all the information necessary to fill your order.
Mail: Please fill out an order form completely and legibly so that we can process your order. Please do not forget to add Shipping and Handling charges or it may take longer to process your order. Order forms can be found here.

What is the tax rate?
For orders in California, 8.75% sales tax will be added to your order.


What are the shipping rates?
Books: $3.95 for the first book and $1.95 for each book thereafter. Priority Mail service is $7.95 for the first book and $3.95 for each book thereafter.
Videos: $3.95 for each tape. Priority Mail service is $7.95 per tape.
DVDs: $3.95 for each DVD. Priority Mail service is $7.95 per DVD.
Manuals: $3.95 for the first manual and $1.95 for each manual thereafter. Priority Mail service is $7.95 for the first manual and $3.95 for each manual thereafter.
WAVR-21: $5.95 for the first packet and $2.75 for each additional packet. Priority Mail service is $11.95 for the first packet and $5.50 for each additional packet. Extra scoring form packets added to an existing order will cost $1.95 per packet. Individual scoring form packet orders will cost $3.95 for the first pack and $1.95 per each additional packet. This applies to both the 10 and 20 packs.

How are products shipped?
All products are shipped from San Diego, CA through the United States Postal Service.

What is the estimated delivery time?
  • Standard shipping is done with Media Mail. Media Mail is not guaranteed and can take up to 3 weeks in some cases. Media Mail is not available outside the USA
  • Priority shipping takes 2 or 3 days depending on your location.
  • For Overnight service or for a request to use UPS or FedEx, please contact us at (800)848-1226 for cost and availability. There will be an additional handling fee for Fed-Ex and UPS overnight orders.

    Will I receive an order confirmation?
    If you order online, you will receive an order confirmation. This confirmation does not reflect the final price since shipping/handling charges are not calculated in until after your purchase. Orders by phone or fax will not receive a confirmation. All orders will be shipped with a packing slip and credit card receipt.

    Can I add insurance/tracking/delivery confirmation?
    Yes. All additional USPS services will be charged at the standard retail rate. Simply add a comment to your order indicating that you want these services and they will be added to your order. If you want tracking added, we will contact you (typically via email) to tell you the tracking information.


    What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept credit cards, personal and business checks as well as purchase orders from reputable companies inside the USA.
    Credit Cards: The credit cards we accept are Visa, MasterCard and Discover. We do not accept American Express and cannot process your order with this card and will have to wait to ship until we have another form of payment.
    Checks: Company and Personal checks are accepted. A $25.00 fee will be charged for any bounced check.
    Purchase Orders: Purchase orders are only accepted from reputable U.S. companies.


    What courses are offered?
    How many hours are they worth?
    How do I do a home study course?
    Can I order just the book/just the test?
    What does shipping cost?


    What will shipping cost?
    It is very difficult to determine how much shipping will cost since the rates vary so much depending on the destination and the weight. Please allow more time on international orders so that we can research how much shipping will cost.

    How long will an international order take to arrive?
    This is also very difficult to determine. Depending on the service used and how long customs service can take, some shipments will take close to a month. Contact us via phone or email so that we can research the estimated shipping time.

    Do you accept foreign Purchase Orders?
    No. All foreign orders must be prepaid and checks must be drawn from a U.S. bank in U.S. dollars or a $20 surcharge will apply.


    Can I order a desk copy?
    In some cases. Desk copies will only be sent to viable educational institutions. We cannot guarantee that the book received will be in new condition. These copies will only be of the books published by STS

    What happens if my order, or part of it, is backordered?
    Depending on the status of the backorder, we may wait to ship the whole order at one time or we may split the order up and make seperate shipments. Your order will not be charged until it is shipped, and we will notify you if the order is expected to be held up for more than a few days.

    Can I return all or part of my order?
    Returns must be authorized prior to the return. Returned items must be in new, resellable condition. We will refund your order, less a 25% restocking fee, once we receive it.