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Suicide Risk Assessment in Youth and Young adults
Suicide Risk Assessment in Youth and Young adults

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DVD duration: 3+ hours

Presenter: David Jobes, Ph.D.

Venue: Live Conference Presentation

Location: San Diego, CA


This DVD is from a live conference presentation and is largely unedited. In some cases you may not hear a question asked by a participant however, in most cases the presenter will repeat the question.

This DVD comes with one complimentary home study test. Please contact Specialized Training Services if you would like to order this DVD and then purchase additional home study programs for your agency or organization.

Program description from brochure:

It was well known that many examples of youth-perpetrated catastrophic violence were carried out by highly disturbed young men who were fundamentally suicidal. In many such cases, the suicidal risk of youth perpetrators is well known to parents, teachers, administrators, law enforcement personnel, and mental health professionals, yet tragic outcomes still occur. This presentation will offer practical information on the assessment of suicide risk, the interplay between suicidal and homicidal behaviors and a full range of intervention strategies suitable to a variety of settings. Using a lively case example approach, this presentation will provide critical information about how suicidal youth think, feel, and behave. Contemporary issues such as the influence of media, the role of internet, and peer influences will also be considered. Bottom-line, this training will enable participants to better recognize who is at risk for suicide and what can realistically be done to intervene and save lives.

Workshop Content

Accurately assess of suicidal risk in youth and young adults The interplay between suicide and homicide
Contemporary issues related to suicidal youth (e.g., peer influences, the media, and the internet)
Effective interventions in a range of settings