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Schools at Risk: Managing Bullying, Gangs and Violent Females
Schools at Risk: Managing Bullying, Gangs and Violent Females

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DVD duration: 3+ hours

Presenter: Wayne Sakamoto

Venue: Live Conference Presentation

Location: San Diego, CA


This DVD is from a live conference presentation and is largely unedited. In some cases you may not hear a question asked by a participant however, in most cases the presenter will repeat the question.

This DVD comes with one complimentary home study test. Please contact Specialized Training Services if you would like to order this DVD and then purchase additional home study programs for your agency or organization.

Program description from brochure:

Maintaining a safe school environment means managing bullying, gangs, violent males and increasing female violence. Problems associated with bullying, gangs, and violence are well documented in their adverse affects on a positive learning environment. Nevertheless, many successful programs have been implemented nationwide to address these issues. Participants will be presented with overview of how these behaviors impact the social environment of the school, attendance and academic performance of students. State of the art, research-based prevention and intervention approaches will be presented in a “nuts and bolts” format. Attendees will be able to follow and implement five planning steps to improve school climate, attendance and academic achievement. Many of these interventions are valid for those working with youth in a non-school environment as well. School site teams will be able to personalize the information directly to their school site.

The Impact of Bullying, Gangs and Female Aggression in Schools
Early Warning Signs
Gang Behaviors and Intervention Strategies
How to “Bully Proof” the School Environment
Recognize and Intervene with Aggressive and Potentially Violent Females