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Violent Extremism, 2021: A Threat Assessment Update (16 hours)
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Violent Extremism, 2021: A Threat Assessment Update has been recorded and is now available. You can purchase the video alone or buy the complete package which includes the PowerPoint slides and a home study test good for 16 hours of CE credit. Once purchased, user's will have unlimited access to the video for personal viewing or home study. See preview below.

The virtual webinar was produced May 10-13, 2021. It featured four of the top authorities on threat assessment, Reid Meloy, PhD, ABPP, Molly Amman, JD, (FBI ret.) Stephen White, PhD and Philip Saragoza, MD. There are 13 major areas of presentation:

Day 1

Introduction to Extremism, Conspiracy Theory & Violence

Radicalization and Lethal Partisanship

TRAP-18 (Terrorist Radicalization Assessment Protocol) Part 1

Day 2

TRAP-18 (Terrorist Radicalization Assessment Protocol) Part 2

Mental Illness, Extremism and Conspiracy Theory

Stochastic Terrorism and Incitement to Violence

Day 3

The QAnon Conspiracy Theory

White Supremacist Violence: An Update

Anti-Government Militia Movements and Anti-Law Enforcement Violence

Day 4

Covid-19 Conspiracy Theories and Violence

Aggressive Masculinity and the Proud Boys

Extreme Misogyny, Incels and Violence

Extremists and Conspiracy Theorists: Assessment, Intervention and Management

Please note: Video and audio quality are both quite good. There are a couple of locations, however, where the video of the presenter did not come through clearly (or not at all). The longest of these lasted seven minutes (ie: the third presentation on the third day). More often though, the problem lasted less than a minute. The powerpoint slides stayed up and the audio is fine throughout. When you come to one of these places just continue to watch and the video of the speaker will reappear shortly.

Purchasing this video allows you to view it full-size, with no time limit.

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