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Legal and Ethical Issues in Mental Health
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This video of a three-hour live presentation on legal and ethical issues in mental health is presented by noted authority, Phillip Resnick, MD. It meets the criteria for licensing boards who require ongoing training in legal and ethical issues. The following description highlights the content of the program:

Mental health professionals are regularly faced with ethical and legal conundrums in their clinical practice. This program will review the law of negligence so clinicians can understand what plaintiffs are required to prove to succeed in a malpractice case. Common pitfalls will be reviewed to avoid malpractice suits and discipline by state licensure boards. Differences between confidentiality and privilege and HIPPA duties will be explained. Advice will be given on how to balance your duty to keep client information confidential against your duty to protect others from serious physical harm. Finally, documentation techniques to reduce the risk of adverse consequences will be covered, particularly in clients who are at risk for suicide. This three hour program is essential for mental health professionals to improve their understanding of the legal and ethical issues that are critical for performing at the standard of practice.

Workshop Content
Explain how negligence law applies to mental health malpractice
Trends in Mental Health Malpractice: A Tale of Sex and Violence
Confidentiality and Privilege
The Duty to Protect Others

Workshop Objectives
Describe basic concepts in the law of negligence
Identify common pitfalls that increase the risk of law suits and discipline by state licensing boards
Identify three techniques that reduce risk of malpractice
Describe the difference between confidentiality and privilege
Be able to balance clients’ right to confidentiality against legal duties to protect others from serious physical harm.
Know when there is a duty to protect intended victim(s) from the violence of a client
Identify the legal requirements for protecting a possible victim

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