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Our friends at Work Trauma Services are providing a WAVR-21 Training in May
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Our friends at Work Trauma Services are providing a WAVR-21 Training in May

This Workshop will take place in the Boston area

with the option to attend in-person or virtually

Introduction to

Assessing and Managing Workplace and

Campus Violence Risk with the WAVR-21 V3

 Conducted by Dr. Stephen White

Hosted by Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited

In Lexington, Massachusetts


This introductory course conducted by Dr. White, co-developer of the WAVR-21 with Dr. Reid Meloy, is now expanded to one and a half days, allowing more time for in-depth case studies. After summarizing the rationale and scientific basis for the WAVR, the focus of the training will be the application of the instrument in dynamic assessment contexts common to workplaces and campuses. Pursuing case data in silos and integrating it with professional or clinical judgment will be demonstrated, and how this process informs the challenging case management decisions faced by threat assessors.

Attendees are strongly encouraged to purchase a copy of the WAVR-21 manual and the accompanying forms before the workshop if not already in possession of them. WAVR-21 Manuals are available here: www.specializedtraining.com.

The format will include didactic segments, case vignettes, and video presentations. Common risk topics will include motives, stalking, paranoia and other violence-related mental states, domestic and partner violence, bullying, and the steps on the pathway to targeted violence. The definition of each item on the WAVR will be illustrated with case examples. Organizational obstacles and common missteps will be identified, as well as interviewing strategies, and what to expect from assessment experts. Several in-depth case studies on the second day will delve into the development of motives for violence, evidence of late-stage warning behaviors, and the nuances of decision-making.

The WAVR-21 is an evidence-based “SPJ” (structured professional judgment guide) for use by multi-disciplinary teams and practitioners in work and campus settings and is increasingly recognized as the go-to SPJ for these environments and contexts. It may be used by both mental health professionals and non-clinicians alike, within the boundaries of their experience, training, and job expectations. The manual is an excellent source of threat assessment principles in general. More information about the WAVR may be found at wavr21.com

More information on location, logistics, pricing, and to register may be found here.

 Dr. White’s bio may be found here.

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Our friends at Work Trauma Services, along with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, is hosting a WA VR-21 Training in May