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School Violence Threat Management
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School Violence Threat Management  $35.00 

230 pages, published 11/00. Updated 02/02 for second printing.

Summary: A cutting edge book on school violence prevention and threat management.

Comments: Practically written, of tremendous value to Educators, Mental Health and Law Enforcement/Security professionals. (Drew)

"I found the book to be an excellent resource on a number of fronts...not just in the realm of threat assessment, but, for example, in the case study examples Dr. Mohandie offers. We receive numerous requests from researchers, reporters, and students of all grade levels regarding resources they can use in their work to understand school shooters. The book certainly offers such information and more. The book adds a timely depth of understanding to the realm of threat assessment given the heightened level of interest generated by the Secret Service's work. It also provides some excellent information on topics ranging from early warning signs with its break down categories to the legal issues which define the arena of school violence. It is also up-to-date!"

Joanne McDaniel, Director Center for the Prevention of School Violence

Section and Chapter Headings

Section One: Overview 1. Introduction to School Violence

Section Two: School Violence Threat Assessment 2. Threat Assessment: Warning Signs 3. Threat Assessment: Risk and Stability Factors 4. Threat Assessment: Applying the Concepts

Section Three: School Violence Intervention 5. General Intervention Strategies 6. High Risk Case Intervention Consideration 7. Moderate/Lower Risk Case Intervention Considerations

Section Four: School Violence Aftermath 8. Aftermath Crisis Management References Recommended Resources

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School Violence Threat Management